<!-- TITLE: Quick Start --> <!-- SUBTITLE: A quick summary of Quick Start --> # Quick Start Guide ## Views Dashboards When you open PPMVUE, a default Portfolio view sample dashboard will be loaded. PPMVUE comes with some built-in sample reports that you can select by clicking on the menu icon to bring the view browser. The window is divided into three tabs: * **Sample views**: these are out of the box sample dashboards to get you started. The list contains portfolio, project, resources, and timesheet sample dashboards. You can make a copy and modify the sample dashboards for quick start. * **Shared Views**: shared views are views created by you or others in your organization that are given permission to share the views with all users of PPMVUE. * **My Private Views**: these are views created by you and visibility is set to private. Only you will have access to those views. * ![Quick Start Dashboards](/uploads/quick-start-dashboards.png "Quick Start Dashboards"){.align-center} You can also start a blank view (Portfolio, Project, Resources, or Timesheet) from this window. Click on the plus sign on the right side next to the “**My Private Views**” tab and select the appropriate view type to create. ## The View Toolbar From the toolbar on the top right corner of the view, you can add a widget, save changes or make a copy of the view, refresh the view, set filter or expand the window. ![Quick Start Toolbar](/uploads/quick-start-toolbar.png "Quick Start Toolbar"){.align-center} ## Adding and Configuring Widgets Each widget in the view can be resized, moved, and edited to fit your needs. Grab the bottom right corner of the widget to resize it or move it by dragging the title area. ![Quick Start Drag Widget](/uploads/quick-start-drag-widget.png "Quick Start Drag Widget"){.align-center} To configure the widget, select **configure** from the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the widget. You can also copy the widget, deleted it, or export its data to excel (make sure your browser allows pop-ups to generate and download the Excel file). ![Quick Start Widget Configure](/uploads/quick-start-widget-configure.png "Quick Start Widget Configure"){.align-center} To add a new widget to the view, select the widget dropdown menu in the toolbar then add a data visualization widget. Each widget will load a sample configuration as start but you can modify it however you like. ![Quick Start Widgets Menu](/uploads/quick-start-widgets-menu.png "Quick Start Widgets Menu"){.align-center} ## View and widgets Filters Each view type has its own filter. For example. Project views have a filter to select a project to load its data. On the Portfolio views, you can chain multiple filters to limit the amount of data by using any of the project level fields (including your own custom fields). ![Quick Start Portfolio Filter](/uploads/quick-start-portfolio-filter.png "Quick Start Portfolio Filter"){.align-center} Project filter and slection ![Quick Start Project Filter](/uploads/quick-start-project-filter.png "Quick Start Project Filter"){.align-center} With resource or timesheet filters, you can select multiple resources, a time frame to load into the view. ![Quick Start Resource Filter](/uploads/quick-start-resource-filter.png "Quick Start Resource Filter"){.align-center} In addition to view filters, each widget can have its own filter set in the configuration window. You can chain multiple filters to limit the data for that widget.