Admin Guide

A quick summary of Admin Guide


After installing PPMVUE, the add-in will present a welcome screen, from there, you can start a trial for 30 days and 20 user accounts to evaluate PPMVUE.
To start the trial, click on the Start your trial! button in the bottom of the welcome screen.

Activation Ppmvue

if you have trouble activating your trial, please contact us at

User Management

To allow users to access PPMVUE, the users must be added to the app and must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a valid Project Server or Project Online license.
  • Have Access Project Server Reporting Service permission.

In order for the user to use PPMVUE, Please ensure the user has a valid Project Online license and has Access Project Server Reporting Service permission.
If you are using SharePoint Permission Mode, make sure the user belongs to one of the following groups:

  • Administrators
  • Portfolio Viewers
  • Project Managers
  • Portfolio Managers

To manage users access to PPMVUE, locate the gear icon on the top right of the app header, then click on the Manage Users menu option.
Please note that this menu option is only available for Administrators.

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On the manage user page, the number of available seats will be noted at the top of the user table.
After the max number of allowed users is reached, the add user button will be unavailable until upgrade the license or remove an existing user.

Adding Users

To add a new user, click on the ‘plus’ icon above the user table then fill in the new user form in the dialog box.
Locate the user by typing their email or firs/last name then assign the appropriate permission to the new user.
Click on Add User to grand access to the account. the new user will be listed on the user table.

Add New User Ppmvue

Removing Users

To remove users from the PPMVUE, select one or more users from the user table in the Manage Users page by checking the box next to the name then click on the recycle bin icon to delete the user(s).

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Please note that any view/dashboard created by the users will remain in the PPMVUE. You can remove the views from the Manage Views page.


PPMVUE offers two types of user roles, Administrator or User. The Administrator role will have full permission to:

  • Create public views (Shared with all users in the organization who have access to PPMVUE)
  • Create private views (Visible only to the user who created the view/dashboard)
  • Manage users
  • Manage views (Edit view title and description, make view Private or Public, delete view)

A user role will enable the user to view the reports and dashboards and can be given additional permissions:

  • Permission to create views.
  • Permission to create and share views by making them public.

Public views mean the views (dashboards) will be viewable by other users allowed to use PPMVUE. Others can modify the view by making a copy of them first.

View Management

The Add-in Admin can manage all views (public and private) by visiting the Manage Views page.

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The admin will be able to rename a view title, edit the description, change the view visibility (Private or Public), or delete a view.
Manage Views Ppmvue

Once deleted, views cannot be recovered as they will be permanently removed.